Good Eats!

Hi, Dreamers!

After multiple recommendations from friends, I'm finally jumping in to share talks on good eats and my journey of whole foods.

Stay tuned for upcoming blog posts featuring some of my favorite recipes, inspiring food lovers, nutrition discoveries, testimonials, and more!

My passion for cooking and really educating myself on food has changed my life. Thus far, I've learned that taking the time to analyze our daily diet and eliminating all the negative makes space for all the positive! Giving our body the love it deserves while also sharing our experiences with friends around us is what changes the world.


My dream is to see a generation on fire for nutrition and becoming our best selves by reevaluating what we consume.


During my high school days, I had major digestion problems.

I remember often having moments when I'd yell for mom or dad to somehow support me in the middle of my most excruciating stomach pain. I knew early on that something had to change in my diet but I just didn't know how.

About this time one year ago is when I began to make a change.

After informing myself of food [veggies, grass-fed meats, + seeds] and all that it entails, I began to discover that there are specific foods we can add to our diets that ultimately give us the super powers we need for our day-to-day. 

As I said before, stay tuned!

Before I get started with this exciting series, send me your questions and interests!

What's some of your favorite topics surrounding good eats?


Rolling on a budget?

Don't know how to get started?

Why should I care?


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Kendrick Jones