No More Fear!

One moment of my life that I can definitely deem as a fearful moment occurred when I was in Kindergarten. 


We all know the pride and joy that is "nap time" (really wish I would have taken those naps more seriously...amen!?).


Nap time in our class consisted of everyone grabbing their mats and favorite blankets for a time to relax after recess. 


On this particular day during nap time, one of my classmates began to show me that on the corner of her mat, the plastic covering was beginning to rip; causing the underlying, brown cushion to be exposed. 


My classmate proceeded to rip off a piece of the brown cushion, place it in her mouth, and begin to chew.


"It's gum," she said!


For whatever reason, I decided to give it a try. 


Having a horrible, habitual cycle of swallowing every piece of gum my mom would give me at that age, I instinctively did the same with this "gum".

I instantly realized I had made a big mistake after noticing that the piece of cushioning fabric was now stuck in my throat. 


Fear immediately set in.


What if it stays there forever?

What if it blocks off my breathing?

How could I be so naive (kid thoughts guys...)?


Nevertheless, everything turned out fine. Praise.




fir/ noun

1. an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat.


 We've all experienced fear in some way.

Whether you've had a similar, weird "gum" swallowing experience (probably not), watched that scary movie that causes you to look around every corner of your apartment, or, if your afraid of a cat one day.....


But let's widen the perspective even more and think about it from the aspect of all our hopes, goals, and dreams.


How many times have we allowed fear to limit us into being/becoming all we're created to be & more as God's kids?


Fear of failure.

Fear of rejection.

Fear of being misunderstood.

Fear of the unknown.


It can be so easy to become so dominated by our own thoughts of disqualification and self-doubt to the point that we never step out into becoming who we really are.


To make it personal, I made it that easy for myself.

Dominated by my own thoughts of disqualification: shame, regret, guilt, and most of all, fear.


I tried everything I possibly could to operate from my own strength and passion rather than solely relying on the power of God.


Disclaimer: This blog post doesn't really serve as a 1-2-3 step guide into "how to properly overcome your fears". Rather, this blog post serves to introduce the reader to a person:




The one who turns shame into joy.

Disappointment into praise.

Fear into faith.


Nothing in this world has defeated fear in my life like the love & kindness Jesus brings.

In moments of fear, I believe it is Christ's character and posture to never leave us and reveal to us that he "has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but [a spirit] of power, love, and self-discipline (2 Timothy 1:). 


More than anything, Jesus eliminates my fear simply with himself. Every time.


Making the choice to operate toward my dreams in my own strength and striving will only lead to a self-made product; not the fullness of what God really has for me.


All in all, choosing to trust Him not only eliminates my fear, but, also, reveals that he won't lead me to a place he hasn't already been. His intentions are always good.


Therefore, this, my friend, is your declaration:


All fear is destroyed in the presence of God!

All striving ends in the presence of God!


Friends, there is hope in the story of the cross because of what Jesus did; the permission he has granted you; a permission that says come alive in your God given potential and your God-given purpose.


More than anything, Jesus has given you access to himself. 

You've received an all access pass to the thoughts he thinks toward you.

You've received an all access pass to the passion he has for you.


And it is in this place that fear has to go.