New Year, New Dreams: Taking Action Toward Big Dreams

This is my declaration for 2018:

A year on fire.

A year of rediscovering why we do what we do.

A year of being the change we wish to see in the world.

A year of seeing an end to dread dreams.

A year of witnessing a generation on fire for the cause of awakening passion & pursuing purpose.


If you're reading this, I believe this is your year.

I want to encourage you to launch yourself into the forefront of the journey of living your best life; setting your sails on the pilgrimage that is your life's purpose.

Stop settling for merely day-dreaming.


Take action.


I'm learning all over again that being a dreamer has a lot more to it than...well...dreaming. 


A dreamer is someone who embraces their story.

A dreamer is someone who doesn't allow fear to have the final say.

A dreamer is someone who calls out the gold in others.

A dreamer is someone who believes in change.

A dreamer is someone who takes action toward big dreams.


This is your time.

This is your moment.


Your 2018.


Make the most of it by starting that blog, writing that book, recording that song, starting that business, booking that flight, renewing that broken relationship, kicking that bad habit in the face.

Most of all, make the most of it by being the real you.


Your 2018 is worth it.

Taking action towards your dreams is worth it.

You are worth it.


Kendrick, Founder



Kendrick Jones