Your Dreams Matter: Kendrick's Story

What does it look like to have the timing of your plans rearranged?

What emotions take precedence when everything you worked your hardest for to achieve in your own timing is placed on hold?

What manifests when God's response to your dream is, "not yet"?


I know I can speak for myself on this subject.


So here we go...


If you've followed my journey for the past couple of years, then you know that I've had every intention on attending Hillsong College in Sydney, Australia this July (approximately a couple weeks from today). Going to this international leadership college has been a God-dream that has evoked so much desire, passion, and life in me to see the impossible awaken in both my life and others'.


But something changed.


I began to see and understand God's perspective surrounding the plans I was making for my myself; plans based on my own timing and purpose rather than His.


With kindness, The Father began to reveal His heart to me (like He always does); a heart that revealed that I was clearly attempting to make strides outside of the timing and plans He has for me.


So all in all, I'm not going to Australia as soon as I thought I would.

Instead, I choose to embrace the process...the waiting...the journey of discovering what it means to become all I'm created to be right where I am.


It's been by no means easy. 

One day I believed I had it all figured out, and the next day I have no idea. 






Nevertheless, I know now that this never had anything to do with limitation and everything to do with being launched.

God doesn't kill dreams. He delights in co-partnering with the burning desire within us to see the passion inside us come to life for the cause of seeing "on Earth as it is in Heaven" become our daily declaration.

From these change of plans, I'm learning all over again that it never was about me, my vision, my plans, or my title.


It's about Jesus.


To know Him is to know all the clarity you could ever want, all the affirmation your soul could ever yearn for, and all the provision you could ever witness unfold.

I'm reminded today that The Father is so much bigger than time itself.

He surpasses our logic and our understanding.

So why not let him lead our pilgrimage? Why not let him surround us with songs of promise and courage?


All the while I was focusing on my next provision, God was focused on relationship...

the healing that was his desire to see me thrive in....

the freedom that was his desire to see me live in...

All the while I considered my thoughts higher, his served to remain highest; serving to make their home in my heart.


Again, God is not the dream killer.

I believe he simply puts us in situations that aid in revealing that he himself is the dream.


I'm learning that the more we sit under the love of God and steward the persuasion of his affectionate voice, the more we'll come to understand that our wholeness in Him (spirit, soul, and body) is always priority over anything.

The waiting wasn't fun at first...somedays it still isn't...


What do I do now?

What am I supposed to tell everyone?

What's my next step going to be?

Did I get it all wrong from the beginning?


These are all questions that haunted me and, in fear, I began to cower back into the corner of uncertainty and questioning. It was almost like creating a manuscript for a new book and having the publisher change the story...unexpected.


However, I'm so awe-struck at the goodness of God and his faithfulness to his promise to cultivate plans that are designed to prosper and not to harm.


We must embrace the waiting. We must embrace the process.


It's in that place that The Father heals our wounds, breaks down every lie rooted in unbelief, and destroys every ounce of pride in order to craft his image in us all.


From my own experiences, I encourage you, friend, that God has not forgotten the promise. God has not forgotten the dream.


God has not forgotten you.


Take courage today and know that even when you have no idea what your life looks like right now, your past, your present, and your future are marked by the goodness of God.


You are marked by the goodness of God.


My name is Kendrick Jones, and discovering intimacy in the waiting will always be worth it.


Just let it happen.


He cares for you.


Your dreams matter.

With the help of The Dreamer Collective, my hope is to see you awaken passion and pursue the purpose inside you for a lifetime. More importantly, to see you share with someone else that their dreams matter.


Peace out,

Kendrick, Founder



Kendrick Jones