The Parative Project — Meet Drew Oxley!

The Dreamer Collective is excited to co-partner with the inspiring endeavors being expressed from The Parative Project.

Based in Cincinnati, OH, The Parative Project seeks to raise awareness of the sex-trafficking industry in India by incorporating apparel that advocates for our freedom being tied together. This hub of creatives co-partner with a manufacturing company based in India that provides jobs to previous victims involved in this horrific injustice.


As expressed on their website, The Parative Project designs products bringing opportunities for freedom and moving others to take action.


Which brings me to introduce the force behind the punch: Drew Oxley!

This 29-year-old, Ohio native takes dreaming to new heights and new territory...literally.


Drew and his team of visionaries seek to dream to do. Together this team dreams big for the cause of seeing more people brought to encourage the maker and inspire the create changes out of creativity. After having the honor of talking with Drew, I am excited to collaborate even more with with his vision and the Parative's perspective on dreaming.


"Parative started out of my love for t-shirts; thrifting shirts, finding independent brands, and designing my first batch! It seeks to bring freedom and safe employment to women of the red light districts in India," states Drew.


After discovering this project, I'm so passionate to see it spread amongst our local Monroe-West Monroe area as well. Drew explains that being involved with the project has impacted both his own personal life and the lives of others in Cincinnati.

"The deeper my wife and I researched on issues human trafficking, forced labor, and human rights the bigger the challenge it seemed we were going up against. We decided about a year ago to commit to shopping 100% ethically. This has been a pretty tall task, and we've had to tell ourselves no more than yes. Knowing the people are being treated fairly makes all the effort going into one purchase worth it. In Cincinnati, Parative has started many conversations around human trafficking and ethical shopping. Our goal has to been to introduce others to creative solutions for the issues our world is experiencing. We've had numerous friends and interactions with others share with us their decision to shop ethically as well."

Like the cause of our campaign, The Parative Project loves all of what it means to inspire others to awaken passion and pursue purpose. By bringing previous victims to freedom through the implementation of creative design, Drew is driven to see the purpose of every individual rise up.

"I think passion comes pretty natural for me," states Drew. "I can think about Parative and our mission all day long. I'd love to do this. I can't wait to do that. All these thoughts can get me really excited. The action behind the purpose is the hard part.


What if this fails?


I'll start it tomorrow when I have more energy.


My approach to work is fueled by a quote I heard from a brothel worker when I was in India:

 "You do-gooders come a day late and leave a day early." If I'm not working hard to bring freedom to India, the competition is gaining ground on us."



All in all, Drew challenges us to reach beyond the fight for what we believe in. What ever desire is burning inside it! Isn't there so much more to desire besides payment?

"Is having more time worth it? Is having more money making the world a better place? 

It seems that many passion projects come to an end when someone's career takes off. I don't think your creative outlet needs to be your full time job, or even make money at all. If its making you and the people around you better, that's payment that can't show up on a paycheck."

For more on The Parative Project, visit or give Drew a follow on Instagram (@parative). The "Land of the Dreamer" Flags are my absolute favorite.



Kendrick Jones