The Creatives: Gabby Henry


Honestly two years ago I would easily say it meant going after things that make you happy. That is still partially true, but not close to the full picture to me now.

My life has been turned upside down into a crazy adventure of chasing ridiculously huge dreams after God showed me what dreaming truly is.


Let me take a moment to introduce myself.


My name is Gabrielle Henry and I am 100% a crazy dreamer.

I am a photographer in Northern California and adventurer at heart. I spend most days connecting with creatives from all over the world and hearing their stories and creative process. I am originally from Monroe, LA, until God invited me to chase my dreams about 1.5 years ago. My story has not been one of “BAM” dreams come true, but one of pain, grace, and process.

My whole story would easily fill a book, so I’ll shortly open some parts of my heart on how God redefined dreaming for me.

For a while I had my goal to go to school, graduate, get a job, and get married (don’t get me wrong that for some people that is their biggest dream and that is amazing, but for me, that meant settling for what was easiest).

Those things made me comfortable but I always felt there was more. I probably would still be very content with my life if my story had been written all by me, but I’ve learned sometimes we do not get the option to write parts of our stories because we live in a non perfect world.


I was depressed, lifeless, and I let that darkness strip away passion in all my dreams. I felt like after my dreams died a part of me died with it.

I told God he stole my dreams, and every time he would reply:


“I did not cause this pain but I will use it for good. It is time to stop dreaming alone. It is time to start dreaming with me.


So finally one day I decided to trust God knew my heart better than I did and that I wanted to learn what dreaming is.


I started having dreams of crashing waters on these beautiful beaches, of me in this beautiful lake, and me standing on a mountain top looking out for miles. I just thought they were pretty dreams with no value.

Shortly after these dreams I heard about a school in Redding, CA called Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry. I applied expecting not to get in because it is a pretty small school. I ended up getting a call back for an interview so I hopped on a plane to Oakland and trained up to Redding.

Before my interview I adventured around Cali with some friends. As they took me to all the beautiful spots I realized all of the places they were taking me were from my actual dreams I had before I even knew the locations existed.


Every time I prayed God never said I had to go, but that I had the option to choose my own comfortable dreams or to dream with him and let him open doors no man could.


Within 24 hours of my interview I was accepted into BSSM.

When I got home I workedsaved, and then packed up my jeep and drove 1,800 miles to Redding. CRAZY I KNOW.



BSSM was the most intense healing and emotional year of my life, but dang it was the wildest. I began to have passion for things I never even knew I liked. A creativity awakened in me that literally had never been there before.

Me and Jesus hand in hand kicked my depression in the face as Father God told me my worth. I had a confidence rise in my spirit that made me feel I could do anything I set my heart to with God. I realized throughout the year as I gave over my expectations and dreams for my life over to God of what I could do in my own effort, he began to invite me into dreaming with him; things that I did not know my heart wanted until he told me.

It was like a light switch in my soul.

The dreams on my own were practical, but my dreams God invited me into were of a completely new life full of color. 

I can feel it in my bones now.

I feel the call on my life.

I learned that dreaming is not simply making a goal.

Truly dreaming is letting the ultimate Creative dream within you. Trading your own plans for God’s is actually choosing the plans that make your soul thrive.

I haven’t received all the dreams God has placed in my heart yet, and I know I will get there, but dang the adventure in the process is so worth it.



Instagram: @gabsthegold


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