"Dream dreamer."

awaken passion + pursue purpose


I created The Dreamer Collective with hopes to inspire the world to pursue their dreams. My hope is that this cause would encourage you to discover your passion and to find your purpose. Most of all, The Dreamer Collective seeks to remind you that your story matters.


Together, our dream is to witness a world on fire for the cause of doing what they love. Whether you're an artist, entrepreneur, musician, college student, or some one who has no idea what your next step looks like, this is the hub just for you.


More than a movement, The Dreamer Collective features community events, inspiring blog writings, workshops designed to empower and inform, & weekly podcast interviews from dreamers all over the world. Each of these facets of The Dreamer Collective are specifically designed to remind you of the tools you already carry as a dreamer. So with that, welcome to the family! Your purpose, your destiny, your calling all begin today!


Kendrick Jones, THE DREamer collective

founder | hello@dreamdreamer.org